#61: 🧙‍♂️Grin & the MIMBLEWIMBLE Protocol

Episode Summary

Jay & Aaron return to talk about Grin, a project launching this week that actually looks pretty cool. Plus: Monero + Fortnite + Norwegian Kidnappers and some Satoshi thoughts. Thanks to SeedCX for sponsoring this week's show.

Episode Notes

Jay and Aaron return to talk:

🧙‍♂️Satoshi in the whitepaper : "we can a gain a territory of freedom for several years" Only several years?

🧙‍♂️GRIN and the MIMBLEWIMBLE protocol

🧙‍♂️Monero (XMR) makes a guest appearance on Fortnite and in the saga of a Norwegian kidnapping

Thanks to Seed CX "the institutional platform for trading digital assets" for sponsoring this week's show.