🧁 Artisanal Counterfeit $100s: The Reginald Fowler Story

Episode Summary

BTC rebounds to nearly 2x the Kang Line, FacebookCoin is the ultimate fiat on-ramp, Bitfinextetherpalooza, Crypto Capital's Reginald Fowler is the biggest crypto scammer of them all and got caught with counterfeit $100s to boot.

Episode Notes

⛹️‍♂️ BTC rebounds hard off the Kang Line, reaching close to 2x

🏰 All your base are belong to FacebookCoin

🙈 Bitfinex::Tether as Garth Brooks::Chris Gaines

👮‍♂️ Crypto Capital's Reginald Fowler ripped Bitfinex off for $850mil, was caught with counterfeit $100s, is a flight risk AND used to own the Vikings